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Dead motherboard or CPU?

Level 9
I replaced my Ryzen 5 1600 for a Ryzen 7 3800X. I upgraded BIOS beforehand, so make sure the 3800X would work. Installed CPU without a hitch. It suddenly won't post nor beep codes after installing a MB speaker, after a few weeks of very light use.

I removed eveything and benchtested it with only one stick of RAM, video card, and MB and of course, keyboard and mose.

Still no post nor error code beeps. I play around a little bit, finally removed all RAM sticks to see if I could get a no memory error code, and sure enough, I get one lonmg beep and 2-short beeps, which states no RAM.

I put RAM in and still post or beep codes. Use a different brand of memory stick that works in another Intel rig. and still no post or beep codes.

Remove RAM and I get the RAM beep codes 1-long and 2-short beeps.

My rig:

Asus Prime X470-Pro
Corsair 16GB Vengence RGB (C14) XMP on and off.
AMD Ryzen 7 3800X
Seasonic X650 PSU 80+ Gold
Samsung 970 Pro 512 GB

Is this error CPU or MB? It's weird it worked for two weeks light us with no issues.

Level 7
hey markjohnson . please the refer MB user manual for beep codes
** 1-long and 2-short beeps.**
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Did you check the new bios with the old processor before installing new one? If not it makes diagnosis more difficult, if you had done so and it didn’t boot would indicate flashing corrupted bios, how ever you now have the situation of trying to work out which of the two are at fault. It could be that even with the latest bios it does not recognise the newer chip.

Level 12
I had bsod after a year on my system. Updated to latest bios and still bsod. Ran memtest and had errors like crazy on test 6 cpu6 . I also tried 1 stick at a time and a known pair of ram 1 stick at a time and still bsod. No error codes and AO always showed up on the Q code. Id say try memtest and see what if any errors occur. I had luxury of trying my cpu in a friend motherboard to confirm it was cpu and not motherboard
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