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Dancing with Windows 11

Level 7
Hi, just thought I'd drop this by as info for anyone else thinking of making the switch. May not apply to anyone else, maybe some fixes I don't know about yet but thought it maybe useful.

I've been moonlighting with Windows 11 this past week, and think I'm going to have to go back to 10  Really didn't want to update this early - but had a continuous issue with Windows 10 and search bugging out on my user accounts, but eventually not and stopping any UWP apps from working). Tried several fixes rebuilding the search index, workarounds, powershell commands uninstalling cortana etc. Sometimes works but eventually not

So think I'm going back to Windows 10 😞

Really like most of what is new or updated in 11 but it just feels too early for me. Issues I've had so far.

1. Not enough driver support. My motherboard (Crosshair Hero VIII) only has the Chipset driver listed for 11, nothing for USB, Sound, LAN etc so relying on what Windows provided. Know its still early on, but not ideal. Not sure if any of the 10 drivers work, but not knowing would rather stick with whats on the page.

2. The AMD issue. I'm on a 5900x - haven't noticed anything particular in speed drops but then my 10 installation was bloated. I know a fix is coming, but who knows what other issues that may bring too.

3. Random Freezes. Happened about 3 times over the past week (Mostly when using Photoshop - so could be PS related). Cursor starts going slow, apps wont respond, CPU usage still reported as low, but opening task manager brings things to a crawl and impossible to even close down the app so have to hit the restart button. Also ends up destroying whatever PSD I'm working on at the time.

4. Arctis 9 has been playing up when switching user accounts. Could be USB related and the drivers as the receiver sometimes stops working as well and have to replug it in. Same with my Claymore keyboard - thought this was the same on Windows 10 and RGB cuts out randomly (USB power maybe? - plugging it back in or hitting the FN profile keys usually fixes)

5. Videos playback or recording not working properly. Only tried with Shadowplay, but if I record any footage on playback (either in the Videos App or VLC) it plays about half of it and the second half is frozen - weirdly sometimes just showing the cursor moving but nothing on desktop (only tried desktop recording so far, so maybe fine in games).

6. Adobe CC support. Only Photoshop is currently supported in 11 rest still awaiting updates.

Level 13
Ive been running win !! so far with little to no issues. The last one they released in the DEV channel fubared my Ique so I rolled that one back. Other than that been working great.

Level 7
Ok.. on these notes.. I have a few things to say... for sure.

I have over 35 years PC experience and a degree in engineering. It is my educated and personal assessment that they released Win 11 way too early. Items like Optional updates not working... the disaster of the start menu, and especially even the wi-fi flyout not working, and even worse --remanding background tasks to apps in advanced settings for each app, are a real problem for a lot of users... ( As Scotty so famously said, " The More The Overtake The Plumbing, The Easier It Is To Stop Up The Drain. ")

FYI folks, for those like me, who won't use canary (DEV) builds... To reach Optional Updates --go to " Settings " and use the " Find A Setting " search bar near the top left and type in " Optional Updates " without quotes then hit " Enter " to actually get to it properly.. I had to also go directly to the Wi-Fi section in settings to manually add a network.. It is typical of MS to release a Good/Great OS one version, and then release a disaster the next time.. The laptop has 11 on it and I simply HAD TO put Start 11 on it just to negate the ridiculous excuse for a start menu.. Here they first allow us to have access to the old taskbar and then they completely lock us out and and also force us to break the start menu the rest of the way in order to have a useful taskbar and to have our toolbars back.. I understand them wanting to attract users from " That Other Major Company ", But REALLY!!.. Sacrificing existing users to do this is not the way. My precious, and rather too costly Asus system is too much to risk right now, and possibly not for at least 3 years. I am tempted to revert the laptop, but want to help contribute for now in hopes of someone finally listening and doing something about these problems.

Furthermore.. This migration to an virtually completely iconic based system without being easily able to HAVE THAT CHOICE during setup is unwise to say the least..

I also recently discovered more of the real reason why they have been so exclusive about CPU and Motherboard support.. They are eliminating the list of CPUs vulnerable to Meltdown and Spectre.. While I verily agree with this move.. Forcing this on everyone during the time of this plague was a really horrid move on their part, especially to even limit us to a Win 10 cutoff date of January 2025. I have used windows ever since Win v3.11 (Still has the floppies --heh) and say with definition that 11 is by far the least desirable OS I have ever had from them, and I have used all versions but three.. (Win3.1, NT, and Server 3000). Here's hoping they actually get off their butts and do something about it. I will not risk my Crosshair/Ryzen system until I have no other choice... defer your upgrades folks.. Shutup10 can help you there... Win 11 just not ready, and there is precious little support at present.

I will grant them a few benes.. The redesign of the interface is somewhat, and I say Only SOMEWHAT... pleasing. The organization of settings, though confusing at first glance, has a significantly smaller learning curve. The OS seems to run faster and more smoothly, but I have less runtime on the battery so it is more power userian from what I can discern without actually, directly testing this factor at this time..

It took me a long time to accept Win 10 and that had to reach build 1909 before I would recommend the upgrade to my clients due to the compendious list of ongoing bugs.. and it only now, seems to have stabilized.. Win 11 is just.. Out Right Broken by and in comparison..

Namaste Everyone...