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Crosshair viii hero wont post. Black screen no Bios

Level 7
I put together my crosshair 8 hero and my Ryzen 3900x. With 1 stick of RAM on A2. With mr RX580 video card and everything light up. I get 1 beep. A Q Code of 86 and a Steady greeen light below. My screen is dark but receiving a signal.

1. I have reseated card. And swapped with a gtx 1060 i have.

2. I have reseat the Ram Stick

3. Cleaned and reseat the CPU.

4. Reseat the 24pin and 8 pin from power supply. Power supply doesn't have dedicated 4 pin for motherboard

5. Keyboard does not light up.

6. Using an HDMI Cable to another display also get black screen WITH a signal.

Any suggestions on getting it to POST will be appreciated.

I plan to check CPU on the off chance some thermal paste is on the chip or motherboard but that is a shot in the dark

Level 7
Had the same issues, took me 2 days to figure it out.
Only way i got it to work was to use a HDMI on a normal tv for some reason it wouldn't work with my monitors .