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Crash in game with Ryzen 5 3600 and asus rog b450-f gaming

Level 7
Good everyone, I've been having a very awkward time with my new PC. I bought those two Ryzen 5 3600 models, asus rog b450-f gaming, with 2 Hyper Fury 8gb memories of 3200 and a 1060 of 6 GB.
It is presenting me with constant crashing problems as a game so popular that it is the league of legends, lineage 2 and some old ones. Some do not run and others do but at the time of playing the game closes with a crash that does not know the support of the games.
One of my solutions was to update the BIOS with a version “ROG-STRIX-B450-F-GAMING-ASUS-2605” and it does not present a problem but if I want to update with new versions it returns the inconvenience then I want to know what the problem is if my Motherboard or the processor because the truth would not have to be something like this if everything is new except the video card.
It should be mentioned that everything is by default as the BIOS is installed please I need an answer or what steps to do to inform my situation that is happening.
Thank you.

Note: This text was published a few months ago in the AMD community and I am writing it here to give me a solution.

Level 7
If your pc is running fine on that bios version then leave it...just because there is a new update for the motherboard doesn't mean you have to update yours. If it's running fine then leave it need to update.

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is the computer overclocked in any way?, in the past it has happened that users have had problems, and then later it turned out that the computer was in fact overclocked using the Asus performance enhancer option in bios or Ai suit (Asus auto overclocked)

just because a bios release is new doesn't mean its the best version for your system!
use a bios version that work with your systems components, and its not needed to update bios anymore in the future!
never update bios if the system is already is performing good and without issues!

other trouble shooting:
1. load setup defaults in bios and reboot (if auto overclock has been used)
2. use cpu z memory tab and confirm that the memory is running in dual channel @2400mhz or with the kits rated timings and speed (if D.O.C.P was enabled in bios, example: 3200mhz 16.18.18)
3. always use one kit of dual channel memory, dont purchase the memory sticks separately
4. dont update bios if everything is working fine already, there are no real world benefits updating bios in this case
AMD platform bios updates can have extreme impact on memory compatibility form kit to kit

Good morning BTW