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CPU temperature

Level 7
A strange CPU behavior has appeared yesterday.
No matter, what I do, it rapidly heats up, and cools down.

In idle it's 30c and stable.
E.g I lauch browser - temp goes up to 50 or even more. (monitoring in aida64 and mobo onboard display), after the browser has loaded (1-2sec) the CPU goes back to 30c very fast. CPU fan rpm goes up and down, while the CPU temp jumps.

I click any link, open any document/programm (heavier than notepad or paint) and cpu temp jumps 30-55 and back.
In BIOS the fan is set to quiete mode.

CPU cooler attached well. (I think the temp wouldn't be 30 in idle if the cooler was loose).

Does anyone have any ideas?

Core voltage jumps a bit, so it's not always 1.35+

All right

Get your ram set and run the Aida64 test on it then when we overclock your cpu there are some settings we can use to get it to stay at 1.30v or very close to it.

So, it didn't blow up.

16-16-36-2n these are the primary timings, right?

Is this the test?

P.S From Intel forum:
Lowering the CPU PLL OC Voltage to 1.2 from the AUTO setting changed my temps a fair bit, they 'spike' but only to 35-45 really.

LOL no we won't blow up your pc I promise. 🙂

Yes those are the primary timings.

I don't have Aida64 but that looks like the memory test. I'm not sure how the test works but let it run to completion or if it runs infinitely 10-15 minutes should be fine.

That screenshot shows a compleeted test.
I think we are good to continue.

Intel forum again:
Or you can do like I did and go just for 4.7gz (47x) and use 1.2v on Vcore. And your temp problems are gone

If we can go past 4.6 Ghz without passing 1.3V I don't mind, cuz I'm getting a feel that voltage causes heat ;D

Oh sorry that's great !

OK now go into the bios and let the AI overclock Tuner to Manual.

Sync all cores and lets try the cpu core ratio at 47, scroll down to CPU Core/Cache voltage and set it to Manual then enter in 1.30v in the "CPU Core Voltage Override" then F10 and Enter.

You should make it to windows and when you do run the cpu stress test, if temp goes over 90c stop the test otherwise let it complete.

What are cpu temps and voltage while running the cpu test ?

You are correct more voltage = higher temps.

Guess, who is still alive?

vCore 1.208-1.216.
After 6 minutes CPU stress - 63c.
Idle temp looks a bit higher - 32-34 against 30-32, or maybe my room got a bit hotter.
vCore was greater before we started, so i think we shouldn't be heating up to much.

And, sorry for a lot of pictures. I want you to check me

Yeah your temps look great !

Ok now it gets even easier. 🙂

Go back into the bios and set the cpu core ratio to 48 then F10 and Enter, you'll now be at 4.8GHz.

Run the test again to see if it passes, is the voltage staying at or close to 1.30v while the test is running ?

vCore 1.208-1.216 is AT the moment of testing. (x47!)
Don't see it moves much idle or understressed.

Now that 1.35v looks like some kind of....lightning voltage.

Can we maybe decrease to some 1.25?

If you want to we can but since you have such good temps I'd stick with 1.30v and see where that gets you.

Intel recommends no more than 64c for kabylake and 63c for stress testing is super good. Once we find your maximum overclock you can play a game to see where temps are as this is what really counts. Temps will likely be in the 40's and maybe 50's which is well within Intels thermal specifications.

Do you still want to drop to 1.25v ?