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CPU temperature

Level 7
A strange CPU behavior has appeared yesterday.
No matter, what I do, it rapidly heats up, and cools down.

In idle it's 30c and stable.
E.g I lauch browser - temp goes up to 50 or even more. (monitoring in aida64 and mobo onboard display), after the browser has loaded (1-2sec) the CPU goes back to 30c very fast. CPU fan rpm goes up and down, while the CPU temp jumps.

I click any link, open any document/programm (heavier than notepad or paint) and cpu temp jumps 30-55 and back.
In BIOS the fan is set to quiete mode.

CPU cooler attached well. (I think the temp wouldn't be 30 in idle if the cooler was loose).

Does anyone have any ideas?

Not sure, if the CPU cooler doesn't hanndle, I have noctua-nh-u14s
In idle, core voltage does not exceed 1,3v.

While loading webpage:
Down at the taskbar first is the cpu temp.

And overal the temp is very unstable under any load.
In idle 29-31, everything looks very nice.

But with just a tiny task temp starts to jump. And not only up.
It may go 30-68-29-48 etc and straight back to 30 after work is done.

Ziping 20gb file increases temp as much, as going to other webpage.

Yeah temps are based on the load of each core, obviously the higher the load the higher the temps, I'd try getting the vcore a little lower as 1.30v seems a little high for 4.6GHz.

Try setting the cpu core/cache voltage to 1.15v - 1.20v, you may have to use a negative offset to get it that low.

Thanks for the advice.

Found this:
Looks like i'm realy not the only one with this.
People with OC, whitout, air/watter cooling, basicaly any configuration and one problem across the board.

Yeah I'd either try lowering the vcore, or if temps are fine let it at 1.30v and overclock it to what it can do at that voltage.

I get the spikes too and I'm pretty sure it's due to the crappy thermal paste intel used.

Another option would be to delid your cpu and would be worth while for kabylake.

While I'm rocking intel HD630 (waiting fot gtx1080ti) there is nothing to really threaten the CPU in terms of temp, so I'll leave everything as it is.
Interesting...can i opt for a warranty replacement?

Likely not since the cpu is working as intended.

If you want to let it at 1.30v that's fine but I'd get as much out of the cpu you can at that voltage. I can pass the Realbench stress test at 5.0 GHz with 1.312v so I would think you should be able to do 4.8GHz - 5.0GHz with 1.30v.

Unless of course you already tested this. 🙂

I'm not an experienced OC'er, so it's not so clear for me how to make this right.
I haven't tested anything, just turned the XMP on, and it did all the changes.

OK thank you

With the cpu voltage on auto your cpu is getting over volted some and likely by a good bit which will raise temps substantially.

If you'd like help lowering the voltage or overclocking your cpu with 1.30v I'll gladly help you.

Let's OC it a bit more.
But if we can both OC it a bit and lower the voltage, this would be the best.
E.g +100 Mhz and -some voltage.

Cuz I think i'll not overheat with my Noctua cooler.

All right !

You're actually at 1.356v so 1.30v is lower voltage.

The first thing I will have you do is reset the bios to defaults (F5).

On the Extreme Tweaker tab set the AI Overclock Tuner to Manual, scroll down to Dram Frequency and select 3600MHz, scroll down to Dram voltage and enter in 1.35v.

Then go to Dram Timing Control and enter in the timings at the very top.


Then hit F10 and Enter

What we did is reset the bios to defaults and set your ram manually, if you make it to windows you can run the AIDA64 ram test. If you're greeted with the overclocking failed message then we'll have to do a little tuning.

After this we'll overclock your cpu.