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Corsair H100i GTX cooling issue before and after cleaning

Level 9
just cleaned my system 3-4 days ago along with H100i GTX. i removed both the fans and cleaned it and the radiator as well which was attached the system and to the CPU (i mean i didnt remove the radiator from the system just the fans by unscrewing them and cleaned the radiator blow dried). previously from some days the temperatures of the CPU was rising to 65 C -68 C during 100% load as compared to 45 C-47 C during 100% load so i thought cleaning was a good option. after cleaning the temperatures rose to 56 C-60 C so not much luck cleaning the fans the radiator and the system. then i changed the profile to performance in corsair link which always used to be at balanced, so not the temperatures are back to 45 C-47 C at 100% load. is this situation indicating something... please help guys... thanks in advance...

hope this helps


Level 7

It might be the paste between the CPU and the cooler that is gone bad (maybe?).

The fans, do they work as they did before as well ? Nothing changed there ?

I wouldn't be as much worried but I also understand why 🙂