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core isolation

Level 7
I was browsing windows security settings and came across the core isolation feature. What is everyones opinion on this feature - should I enable it? or keep it disabled? hope i posted this in the right section

Level 10
It looks like some powerful feature to blocking malicious software and malware from entering Windows kernel. That's my understanding from what I read on Microsoft's site. I don't need to enable this since I have Norton Security installed 🙂
Press "Learn More" to find out if this suits your protection needs.

I've been researching it quite a bit tonight. it seems like there is a consensus on the web to keep it disabled since it conflicts with some programs, but I dont really know. Was looking for some opinions lol was norton free?

I think that this is one very good security feature from Microsoft. I never heard of it until you made you a thread 😛 You can enable it and see how it works.
I'm subscribing to Norton the second straight year.