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Congratulation USA to your new President.

Level 9
Congratulation USA to your new President.The dollar is dropping like a stone in the ocean and wall street is in panic when the rest of the worlds stock exchange is moving back fast.Hope it turn out good for you besides this and that your dreams will become true with Trump. 🙂

Level 40
Congratulations to the new President...Donald Trump Commiserations and my best wishes to the Clinton Foundation and James Comey and Goldman Sachs and the legacy media 🙂

Well, it only took around twelve hours before the world market was stabilized again.Aint this world amazing for sure.LOL. 🙂

Never in a million years did I think Donald Trump would be our next president and congratulations to him, I thought he was just thrown in there and noone would vote for him boy was I wrong.

Cannabis seemed to be the biggest winner last night.

I thought Hillary would win since she has more experience in politics but with our country deep in debt and cannabis being so profitable, maybe a business man is what we need right now for a president.

Maybe the average employed and unemployed American was tired of the system that for instance Hillary represented there they probably wanted some of the changes who Trump promised them instead in a rather new way. 🙂

Level 13
Politics is a topic best discussed at places other than here.