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Confused about what drivers to install [Asus ROG Strix B350-F Gaming]

Level 7
I'm clean installing my PC where I will be installing Windows 10 64bit. I will download, and install the Audio and LAN driver directly from Asus.

Audio: When I installed the latest Audio driver, it didn't install the Realtek, nor Sonic application. I'm also confused why the latest Audio driver is only 147MB, when the previous version is 645MB. The version before that again is 642MB, and the version before that is 466MB. It's tempting to just install the 642MB driver which seems to include the Realtek and Sonic application. I also went over to the official Realtek site to download the driver, but again it didn't install the application.

LAN: I installed the latest LAN driver, but when I launched the .exe file, nothing happened. The driver is only 2.9MB, where the previous one is 158MB, the version before that is 317MB, and the version before that is 147MB. it's tempting to just install the 158MB driver.

Why doesn't the latest drivers have everything in one? Or let you choose what to, and what not to install. Asus also recommends to uninstall previous driver version before installing a new one, so I guess that rules out installing old drivers to get the applications you want, to then install the latest one. So I guess I shouldn't install all drivers from oldest to newest.

It's only the Audio and LAN drivers I will be installing from the Asus site. The chipset I will get from AMD.

Driver page:

Level 7
The new Audio and Lan drivers are a bit wonky and don't work properly.. so i just installed the previous ones that do work as intended. As for the others.. from AMDs site take chipset driver. I didn't take anything else.. (take GPU driver if using AMD) if u have a RAID setup then i guess take the utility. But yea.. chipset, audio and lan. ASUS AURA is a thing i dont use cause Fortnite seems to think its a cheat or something and won't launch.

EDIT: About those Audio drivers.. sonic software is included in the drivers but u just need to install them yourself from the files.. but still the newer software was pretty bad in my opinion. Try and see if u like it

I usually installed the old driver then I updated it, sometimes the latest version doesn't work I don't know if it's a patched but for that it's good to use the old version it will still work just update it.