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I bet you guys are wondering why I am sending you this email. 

Ofcourse I am going to explain my vision with much excitement! 


Let’s start with a little introduction so you guys can get to know me. 

My name is Azdine Baani and I am a youtuber/content creator from Morocco. 

My youtube channel called: 7ypex - هايبكـس . I have uploaded 30 video’s so far and reached +94k Subscribers.


Im creating a great content and my numbers talks about that .


My head is full with ideas and I have much more content in mind to upload in the future. 

While making these video’s I feel so much joy especially because I know how much it means to my followers. 

It would be awesome if you can take some minutes of your time to check my channel in the link below.


You are probably thinking well that’s fun and all but what do you want from us?

The thing is I used to have an ASUS laptop but my little brother is using it for his studies right now. 

Unfortunately I can’t use the laptop anymore and I miss how easy and comfortable it was to work with.

I am going to be brutally honest and ask if it is possible to receive an ASUS laptop. 


What do you get in return, you may wonder? 

Right now I am getting a huge amount of questions in my direct messages, about what brand laptop and programs I use. 

I would love to promote your laptop on my channel since I know how great the performance is.


If you are interested or want any extra information feel free to contact me 🙂

Hopefully we can help each other this way! 


Kind regards, Azdine