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Chromebook not Charging and sent it in; about how long is the turnaround time?

Level 7

Hi. 🙂  So last week, my Asus Chromebook suddenly stopped charging. I got an RMA and sent my laptop and charger in to the repair center. I sent it yesterday, and it should arrive on the 22nd. Curious: I know Asus isn't great with repairs and customer service, but for folks who have sent in laptops for this sort of thing, what is the general turnaround time?


Level 7

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Level 7

The general turnaround time for ASUS Chromebook repairs is approximately 2-3 weeks:

1. **Arrival and Processing**: 2-5 business days
2. **Repair Time**: 5-7 business days
3. **Return Shipping**: 2-5 business days

You can check the repair status using your RMA number on the ASUS support website.
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