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Censorship on Asus ROG forum

Level 9
Hello everyone

Since super moderator @Praz seems to be too busy to respond, I'd like to invite all other (super) moderators and everyone else to join the discussion to share your thoughts and experiences.

Down below you'll find the PM history between me and @Praz

Praz wrote:
[QUOTE=ConkersGrillforce1337 wrote:
Keep deleting, I keep posting


I'm not sure why you believe that to be so. If anyone needs to remove any more of your posts you will no longer have the ability to post. And please do not feel the need to reply to this as I will neither read not reply to any response reveived.

Ok, look I'm a mod too in a another forum and I know pretty well, which posts need to be edited or deleted. If you write me a message like the one above with no further explanations, why you acted this way, then you sound like one of the mods over at NBR to me, who do decisions at random, which is pretty bad.

Now to the problem itself, I don't see any reason why you had to delete my first message I wrote on the "Asus RMA is garbage" thread. Yes, it was written in a bit harder unfriendlier style, but there was no violation of any ROG forum rule. Please explain me, what is wrong with a post, that describes mistakes of the Asus RMA process and the bad experiences users have due to company failures. I don't think this is forum is intended to post only the bright side of Asus products and services.
The way you or oder moderators behaved definitely arouses the impression of censorship!
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