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Cannot Access ROG Elite Rewards

Level 8
I don't seem to be able to access ROG Elite Rewards. I joined some time ago due to buying a ROG Gladius III, but my previous points appear to have expired in March. I'm rejoining/reactivating because of buying a ROG Strix Z690E on August 31 that I've registered. In my Asus account, when I click on the "ROG Elite Rewards Program Overview" it says I need to "We just need to verify your (ie my) email first" with a link to resend email. Several times I've clicked the link, received the email, clicked the link in the email and received the message "Your activation email may be invalid".

ROG Armoury Crate User Center says "Become a ROG rewards member", each time I click on any of the four tabs I have to check the same two boxes agreeing to the same Elite Program Terms and Conditions, Asus Terms of Use Notice, Elite Program Privacy Notice and Asus Privacy Policy. The top banner has a grey circle on the left hand side with "My Points" written below, and no number or other information on points. The "Home" tab shows "New Activities" and "Special Rewards", these take me to the "Activities" and "Rewards" tabs, which are both blank. On the "Profile" tab, all fields under "Profile" are blank, and nothing shows under "Activities Completed" or "Rewards Collected".

If someone can help me figure this out I'd appreciate it.