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Can We Use ASUS ROG Logo To Design Case

Level 7
I plan on building a gaming PC, on which I will be spending a good amount of money. I was planning on getting custom case for that build, the case would be based on ROG theme which will come with ROG logo on it. I wanted to know if I could use the ROG logo for the build.

For some reason EK has removed its top class radiator series XTX. It was great in performance. So lets wait and see if they provide a replacement series for that as XE series is not nearly as good as XTX was. If doesn't come up with good replacement then I will have to go with other brands.

Forgot to mention that Radiators will not be visible at all unless you specifically want check them out as they will be attached high up and in lower compartment. The radiators in the lower compartment will not be visible at all. But the radiators placed at the top will only be visible if we look at them from down.

The rest of the watercooling loop which is visible will be EK no doubt. Even the fittings will be of EK.

I would like to have EK radiators only if they bring in better flagship.

Nate152 wrote:
Ek replaced the XTX radiators with the XE radiators which is their newest.

If the XE Radiators are that good there is no reason to go with some other rads.

I will go with complete EK setup. 🙂


Here is the EK list:


The dual reservoir setup is to maintain lower temperatures in individual loops for CPU and GPUs respectively by flowing in coolant with more pressure creating faster flow.

Four 480mm radiator setup.

I plan on using fans in push pull configuration. Or should I use it in Pull configuration.

Am I missing anything except coolant.

That looks good to me, just wondering if you saw the ek res x4 250 which is a glass reservoir. You really don't need that many radiators you could use one 480 radiator for each loop but if you want 4 radiators i'm not going to try and talk you out of it. 🙂

You'll want to put some drains in the lowest points of your loops to drain the coolant when the time comes to change it.