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Can we get some bloody spam control?

Level 8
Was Brian the guy that used to control spam around here? Because I'm noticing a correlation with his leaving and the sudden influx of spam. Did somebody go on vacation? Have the spammers recently cracked an antispam measure that used to be fantastic? Until very recently I rarely saw spam here, now we're infested.
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Level 10

rest assured that I am killing the spam as fast as I can.

Seems the past several weeks that every time I log on I spend a good 20-30 minutes banning them and cleaning up the threads.

If you see one I have missed then please PM me so I will catch the PM as soon as I log on.

Trust me, Brian was not the only one eating spam

Level 9
I am trying to keep up as well they are just slamming us

Level 10
Just signed on and caught one of them with 42 spamming posts. I guess they have nothing else to do. LOL

I have spent the last hour killing a dozen or so spam messages also. I will work with HQ this week to setup a new control system before we merge the forums with the new WorldWide ROG site.

Level 10
Thanks Gary

Level 13
Guys, for the past month I've been deleting around 5 spam registrations every two hours. Seeing as I was going on vaction I blocked gmail registration and used a new security question. The trouble is no matter what we have used to date the spammers keep working around it. I flew out to Taipei on Firday and though on vacation will be checking in every day.


And yes Jay, I also was AFK during the week of Thanksgiving so I'm sure that didn't help either. When I came back there were 20 pages worth of threads to read through. It has taken me two days of free time to finally catch up. 😞
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Level 8
To add, I've also been trying to keep up on spam as much as I can. You have to understand this is now a global forum, so more spam is expected from the big change. Either way, we have several team members working on keeping it under control. Rest assured!