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Can't use bios flash back no name for x299 mark 2 ?

Level 10
There is no naming for bios flash back for x299 tuf mark 2 to rename the .cap file to and thus can not roll back bios

My prime deluxe has a posted message to rename for bios flash back and worked well
Not what for mark 2 no message on bios list I believe it was added to bios version 1503 for prime deluxe which I no longer have.

Arne Saknussemm wrote:

Oddly that is not in the paper manual or web manual either 🙂
Thanks a tone :cool:

I'm not a robot just to post is crazy 😕

Doesn't work get error this does not match rom installed can only refresh bios which is current 1704 wanted to try 1401/ 1503 guess that is out stuck on 1704 ilk.
DVD failed to so not sure what asus crash free bios is worth if it wont flash to original bios on dvd either.