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Can not connect my xbox controller via bluetooth or find the driver on my pc.

Level 7
Hi everyone i just got an xbox controller that i want to connect to my computer via bluetooth. but when I try to search for devices it does not find it. I've tried to see if I could find it under Control Panel \ Programs \ Programs and Features and try to delete it and reinstall but I can not find driver inside. I am using Windows 10 Pro with the latest update motherboard model are MAXIMUS VII FORMULA and bluetooth driver Bluetooth is (Driver V12.0.1.650 for Windows 10 64bit.(WHQL)(For MAXIMUS VII FORMULA, MAXIMUS VII IMPACT)

Hope I can get some help to fix it.

Level 7

Have tried but it will not find my controller. Have install bluetooh driver again after i removed it during device management.

Were you able to find a solution?

JiCOOO wrote:
Were you able to find a solution?

Not all controllers support bluetooth. Read the guide linked above to see the difference.
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