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Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare code redemption issue

Hi !
I just bought my Strix RTX 2070 Super yesterday and today, I signed up for Call of Duty redemption code.
After completing the form and hit the submit, I got below message:

Redemption completed! If you haven’t redeemed games, click to go back to the homepage. Please contact us via email at if you have any questions — include the phrase “Game Bundle Redemption- Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare®” in the email subject line. (*Please provide a valid receipt with clear show of date of purchase and upload it to any cloud space, for example Dropbox, WeTransfer, ASUS Webstorage and provide a download URL.) .

However, nothing shows up in my email till now as well as I dont know where I can get the code.
The above link route me back to the registration page.
I submit this concern to but always got "invalid URL* once press send.
I tried to check with Geforce Experience but doesnt help.

Appreciate your advice.
Thank you very much !

Sent to it earlier today. Hope it will get resolved soon. 

After about 6 days, I received a response from the email I sent to and they resolved the issue.

I'm not sure if the direct submissions of entries from the asus australia account portal are being looked at by someone. Hope they will fix these issues about response times


My friend had applied for the same thing. And he has sent the email. But no reply. How long should he wait?

Anyone got the cod yet?

Got a email for a successful registration confirmation for the Call of Duty modern Warfare event but the code is blank :L

Nearly 2 months for me and not even a response from ASUS!

Not even a confirmation that they received the followup email I sent to the addresses I was given to post to for resolving an issue I had with my invoice not being clear

the code finally arrived today in email and it worked just fine through nvidia experience (once you get the code)

I'm in New Zealand. Registered on the last of day of the promotion 18th Nov and have just received my redemption code 10 days later.


Got my email today...see attachment. Code is blank!
Complete fail from ASUS.

PITA, but I'm glad I'm not the only one - hope they sort their issues out quickly. Got a reply email saying to contact, so I'll see how that goes.