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Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare code redemption issue

Hi !
I just bought my Strix RTX 2070 Super yesterday and today, I signed up for Call of Duty redemption code.
After completing the form and hit the submit, I got below message:

Redemption completed! If you haven’t redeemed games, click to go back to the homepage. Please contact us via email at if you have any questions — include the phrase “Game Bundle Redemption- Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare®” in the email subject line. (*Please provide a valid receipt with clear show of date of purchase and upload it to any cloud space, for example Dropbox, WeTransfer, ASUS Webstorage and provide a download URL.) .

However, nothing shows up in my email till now as well as I dont know where I can get the code.
The above link route me back to the registration page.
I submit this concern to but always got "invalid URL* once press send.
I tried to check with Geforce Experience but doesnt help.

Appreciate your advice.
Thank you very much !

Not working for me too!

Unrecognized URL (

I waited 2 weeks and nothing, game code still dont send.:mad::mad:

This is beyond a joke. Been waiting 10 days and emailed asus multiple times on different emails and facebook. No response from any of them. My mate got a 2070 gigabyte and got the code within 24 hours. If this is what asus is like ill never be purchasing anything of theres again.
Cant believe i can even get a response saying they are looking into it. Joke of a company

The first time when i try to type the series number, the web is always notice me it was wrong.
Then i tried in another day, done.:mad:
Still waiting for code, status shows not deal with yet (over one week) Au.

If anything, we deserve an explanation. Multiple emails but yet to receive my redemption code??? I got a friend who bought a different brand and got their code within 3 days. Has anyone actually got their code already? and has Asus always been this bad? :mad:

It's been 15 days, 12 working days from when I registered through the promotion website and I still haven't gotten my code either. I emailed the customer support and they told me to email the ROG forum people instead, I messaged their Facebook and they told me to provide my GPU Model, and Serial Number and that they would work on it ASAP, but after providing that to them, there has been no response or replies to further inquiries even though it shows that they read my message, why is ASUS customer support so terrible, this has to breach consumer rights in Australia at least one way or another.

Got mine just now.
14 days after requesting.
I understand things take time but all i wanted was an email back saying that the timeframes were longer than expected.
I facebooked Nvidia and they said to keep them updated with what was happening.
The code was annoying but i'm more annoyed about the fact that not a single email was sent back to me.
not even one just saying they were looking into it.
Poor service really

After multiple emails with no update at all. Finally got mine after 1 phone call to the customer service. Thank god to whoever I spoke to, because that guy managed to solve my issue in 10 mins. Hope Asus improve their online customer service on platform such as facebook and emails in the future.

i Just receive my code, 1.06pm GMT +8,
12 days after application submit


Hello Shadowz97,

Give it up to a week.

Did your friend get the game he applied for?