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Call of Duty Modern Warfare - Asus now denying code

Level 7
Been waiting over 6 weeks now for the code. In the asus redemption area it says "The registration submitted successfully. Please find ASUS code in your mail box."

Contacted: - replied telling me that asus have nothing to do with this and i need to contact nvidia or the shop i purchased the card from - replied and said to contact - sent email weeks ago, never got a reply

The latest communication is from They are now the only ones replying, and they are flat out telling me that they will not supply a code, and i need to contact nvidia or my retailer, as this promotion has nothing to do with them.

I've kept all emails in the loop, and yet and never reply. How can this be escalated? I'm thinking the only option now is the department of fair trading?

Level 7
Im in the exact same position.
I tried to redeem 5/6 weeks ago, got directed to email, no reply.
I even facebook messaged the asus ROG teams page and after saying the will investigate for me, i ended up being blocked.
I'm honestly at a loss and dont know what to do. I dont want to give up, but i guarantee thats what they would like me to do.