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C States

Level 7
Hi,I have a 8086K CPU and a Asus Maximus Hero X! WIFi motherboard.PC is used as a music server with a software which converts pcm music files to dsd.Have C States disable which keeps voltage and temperatures down.Only thing when disabled cpu frequency doesnt change or increase.Is there a way i can set C-states manually so i only enable whatever controls turbo boost and keep everythinhg disabled ? Thanks

Level 13
I leave C states enabled and use adaptive voltage.
Frequency and voltage goes up and down with load.
Right now on load load on this browser. My 4.8Ghz OC is At 1200Hz and Vcore at 700mV.
ATM core max is 32C with liquid temp A 29C

Level 13
Delete, double I see the reson 501d all day

When you use adaptive settings what else do you change in those setting.Reanabled c states and adaptive setting does bring more heat.Pc is running about 7-10 degress warmer.And thanks for reply.Disabled MCE that dropped temp and voltage.Thanks