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Buying Advied: I need all six sata ports Plus m.2 Nvme

Level 7
OK so I'm looking to buy a Z390 board. I'm looking for one that i can use all 6 onboard SATA ports. With my M.2 NVME drive.
I like the WS390 But it shows that I will loose two satas if i use the m.2
the Maximus XI extreme's manual doesn't mention any loss of Sata drives with the M.2. If this is the case, great, but i don't want to buy it only to find out that i still don't get all 6 satas.
Are any other boards capable of all six satas plus M.2?

My M.2 is a Samsung 970pro 1 TB if that matters.
Yes, i need all six, no getting larger drives won't work.
3x drives for drive space (work files)
1x drive for data (different type of work files)
1 Drive for a removable drive bay (for backups)
1 Drive for my personal **** (this is a work/ play machine)
1 Drive for at least a little expansion

WTB - Lian Li PC-V2100

Level 7
You lose Sata 5 and 6 if you enable PCI x4 on the bottom PCI slot, but that does not sound like what you are doing. I needed the x4 so I bought a PCI x2 sata card to give me extra sata slots.

Level 11
MXIE you xcan use both the M.2 Slots under the PCH without losing any of the 6 SATA ports....

Thank you that is what i needed to know
WTB - Lian Li PC-V2100

Correct, all 6 SATA ports work with M.2-1 using an NVME drive. Now to extend the situation, if you put a NVME drive in M.2-2 you need to run it at x2 not x4 or you will disable a SATA port.

I am running 3 NVME drives in M.2-1, M.2-2 at x2, and one in a PCIE card. And using 5 SATA ports and the other is available if I need it. I have run this setup on a Z370-E and now on a XI Hero. And yes, I find the NVME running at bus speeds enough faster in real world use that they are well worth the trouble and cost over SATA drives just as SATA are worth it over platters.