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BSOD with 3600 and B350 Prime Plus

Level 7
Since buying Ryzen 3600 on my Asus B350 Prime Plus, I been having BSOD after BSOD. It happens either after post or after login with Service Thread Exception or Kernel auto boost lock related BSOD flaging out.

Now the way it would happen is that when the computer post, it would struggle to open windows files after the bios and the motherboard would restart and then windows repair will try, then hangs and BSOD, service exception bsod or something else. The windows file most flagged was FLTmgr.sys, but others were also flagged.

In windows safe mode explorer would work for 10 seconds, relaunch windows edge, then i had like seconds to open anything before it freeze and relaunch only edge. after like 2 minutes of this it would be stable but I can do anything like uninstall chipset drivers since safe mode dont allow it. SFC /scannow dont see anything.

Bios wise I tried using the original 4801 bios till 5220 bios and each time it would have same issue. Tried changing XMP to standard for RAM, tried SFC /scannow, tried OS rebuild codes, tried memory test.

The other issue with this B350 is that my ryzen 3600 will not boot with the CPU Multiplier set at Auto and will boot with 28 or 39.5. I normally use ryzen master to reset the cpu to auto boost, just another Bios mess up from Asus.

Now the long short of this story is that the system now works fine with SMT off. dont know why, but it works. I have also switched Auto Boost with SMT off in Ryzen Master and cpu auto boost fine. Will probably buy a B450 motherboard later when am monied, for now will live with this voodoo machine.

FYI, my old 1600x works fine with all bioses and auto clock like a puppy with no issues. I used it to install windows 10 before poping in the 3600 to figger all out. I even reset CMOS, took out battery and 24pin power cable after bios update. So I did almost all troubleshoots on the internet. RMAs are expensive in my country in Africa, so not really an option.

Windows version: Windows 10 , 10.0, version 1809, build: 17763
Windows dir: C:\Windows
CPU: AuthenticAMD AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6-Core Processor AMD8664, level: 23
6 logical processors, active mask: 63
RAM: 21408493568 bytes (19,9GB)

Level 12
full system specification please.

RedSector73 wrote:
full system specification please.

My specs are at the bottom of that post, unless you looking for something else.

Have Bought a Asus B450 and have same issues