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Broken RAID0 after firmware update- Repair How-to

Level 7
I was running a RAID0 array with two Samsung 950 Pro NVMe M.2 SSDs. I decided to update the BIOS for my Asus Z170 Deluxe Board from firmware 1702 to version 2202. I entered the BIOS, switched under "advanced\PCH Storage Configuration" the "SATA Mode Selection" to RAID enabled "Hyper kit Mode", "M.2 PCIE Storage RAID Support" "SATA Express PCIE Storage RAID Support", "PCIEX16_3 PCIE Storage RAID Support" and under "advanced\Onboard Devices Configuration" the "PCI-EX16_3 Bandwith" to "X4 Mode" and "SATA Mode Configuration" to "M.2".But after the Reboot the "Sata Mode Configuration" switched from alone back to "SATA Express".
The INTEL(R) Rapid Storage Technology under "advanced" now reports the array as failed, and the one drive is not marked as being part of an array.

I do understand that there was a risk of something happening, but I don't understand this. Why would it change the array info on that disk? Or is the MB simply not detecting it, maybe because of the changed version info? I can't seem to find any other reports of this happening. Maybe I'm not using the right keywords.

Is there anything else I can try before I wipe them and start all over?

here are some screenshots.


Any help would be great!