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Broken monitor from asus again...

Level 11
I just got a replacement monitor for my pg27uq 4k monitor
and sometimes th emouse pointer turns in to purple ojbects like this " + + " or this " [ ] "

It happens most when i point on any seach bar like google and when i move the pointer around or " shakes" it
Then it turns back to normal until next time...

Is this another broken monitor from asus ?

Level 11
Anyone in here ?

Level 13
Have you proven the GPU on another 4K monitor?

Mouse cursor acting weird, with no other weird artifacting, is probably not the display or cable.

If you're on Win10, next time it happens press Ctrl+Win+Shift+B to reset the display, and see if that fixes the cursor... if it does, definitely a software/driver problem.

Level 11
It was just strange because this was not a problem with the first monitor i had.
But with this replacement monitor it suddenly started to happend out of the blue

I shall try the Ctrl+Win+Shift+B command next time

Level 11
Trying with a old nvidia driver..still i blame the monitor since this problem dident happen on the first monitor
I think that something went wrong on the "Asus factory" and i dont think they test stuff..