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BIOS settings profile

Level 7
Hello everyone,
Using the asus uefi utility one can save bios settings in profiles.
But is it possible to use the profile after bios update?

Before 1203 update I have saved a profile .cmo file to a flash drive.
After the update I was like "and now 1 click to restore all the settings!!"
But the profile was not sutable to use with the new bios version.
And I had to spend the evening putting eveyting back manualy.

Now there is a 1301 update....
Maybe I'm doing something wrong?
Any advice plz!

Level 11
The short answer is NO. I too found this out the hard way several chipsets ago. It seems like a useless option if your not able to save settings from current bios and then apply after new version bios flash. Might be helpful if you have like 10 pcs all with the same motherboard and dont want to key in the settings manually on each one lol
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Level 7
Well, thanx for the answer.
Useless profiles.... .
Btw, you have answered me here
about LCC.

So, can you plz give a little bit more detailed answer. I see, you have 7700k and same MOBO.

This cpu is my seceond 7700k, first one was a bit more stable, and worked on 4.8@1.28v.

I use adaptive 1.26v for 4.7ghz, lcc is on auto for now, everything else is prety much auto, aside from
IA DC Load Line to 0.01
IA AC Load Line to 0.01

With 4.8@1.28 the system freezes after ~30-40mins of gaming. Temps are below 80c.
Sometime ago Nate152 told me about all kind of other voltages, that can be adjusted...
What settings do you use?
Can you advice smth?

Level 11
Yeah as I said your instability is most likely from using AUTO setting for LLC. Set LLC to 5 & keep it there then game for a few hours and see if system still freezes. (make sure your graphics card is NOT overclocked so you are not mistaken the instability of your gpu for your cpu).
Games can really test an overclock especially battlefield 1

If it still freezes you can try a couple other things:
Are you overclocking your ram? You should only do so after you find a stable cpu overclock but I will make a couple suggestions. I assume you are using auto for the rams "VCCIO" and "SYSTEM AGENT" voltages? If so you can try upping these voltages slightly like 1.2125v & 1.2225v or so. Also you can try setting the rams "maximus tweak" option in bios to Mode 1.
This chipset is finnicky with DDR4 memory, alot of 3600mhz & above kits are not fully stable even with XMP enabled but this bios 1301 should improve ram stability a little. Try increasing DRAM voltage to 1.36v or so.

Make sure to set "CPU SVID SUPPORT" to:
Enable for an adaptive overclock
Disable for a manual overclock

Set cpu cache to 300mhz lower than your overclock. IE overclock is 4.7ghz, set cpu cache to 4.4ghz

Disable extreme tweaking & multicore enhancement. Also disable vrm spread spectrum in cpu settings

Have you referenced any Kaby Lake overclocking guides? If not I highly suggest you take some time and familairize yourself with these, they are extrtremely helpful!
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Level 7
Maybe you are right about the LCC.
I'm getting these freezes only in gaming.Aida64 stress test goes fine.

Ram is set manualy to 1.35v and 3600mhz, as it would be with XMP. Besides, Ram is always set this way, so I can't say that it doesn't work stable. At least with 4.7ghz CPU.

GPU is in stock.

There are a lot of thing to disable.... why do they even exist?

I have read many guides, in most of them ~4.9-5 ghz are achieved on voltage less than 1.3v...

1) If using water-cooling with a dual or triple radiator, set an adaptive Vcore of 1.30V and a CPU core ratio of 49X. When using good air cooling, set a core ratio of 48X with a Vcore of 1.25V:

Enter UEFI by pressing delete during POST.

Navigate to the Extreme Tweaker menu (Ai Tweaker on non-ROG motherboards)

Set Ai Overclock Tuner to Manual

Set CPU Core Ratio to Sync All Cores

Enter a value of 49 or 48 in the 1-Core Ratio limit box (according to the CPU cooling used)

Set IA DC Load Line to 0.01

Set IA AC Load Line to 0.01

Scroll down to CPU/Cache Voltage (CPU Vcore) and select Adaptive Mode

Enter a value of 1.30 in the Additional Turbo Mode CPU Core Voltage box if you are using water cooling.

Enter a value of 1.25V if you are using a good air cooler such as the Noctua NH-D15S

Press F10 to save and exit UEFI

Nothing really special, that I haven't done. Basically only voltage and ratio .
I don't think, that overvolting and overheating are worth an extra 100mhz. But those extra 200$ for the MOBO are worth trying, I guess.

I'll the thing you have adviced to change and try gaming on 4.8. Hope it'll be more stable.
But first - BIOS update.

Level 7
So, update is done.
Nothing blew up yet.

Plz explane this :
Make sure to set "CPU SVID SUPPORT" to:
Enable for an adaptive overclock
Disable for a manual overclock

Is "adaptive OC" = adaptive Vcore? I use adaptive vcore...
And manual, for manual constant vcore?

Set cpu cache to 300mhz lower than your overclock. IE overclock is 4.7ghz, set cpu cache to 4.4ghz

Where do I set cache? Didn't find it. Mine is at 4200 now.

Level 11
Sorry my page wasnt refreshed so I missed your post #6 but I will address it as well.
Yes you are correct about cpu svid support since you are using an adaptive type overclock you want to ENABLE it.

Cpu cache setting is under:
Min cpu cache ratio - Auto
Max cpu cache ratio - 44
you can set the min to auto and the max to 44 and it should step down just like your cpu multiplier does

How do you know that your ram is stable, Especiallly 32gb? Have you tested your overclock with ram @ 2600mhz? Im just saying if your testing your overclock with XMP set and XMP isnt stable then you will never know if your ram is causing the freezes or your cpu. That is why I said to set your Dram voltage and VCCIO & SA voltages higher or like I said you could test with ram at lower than stock XMP speeds.
I NEVER use XMP with this chipset! It is better to select manual and enter in your own speed (3600) and values manually. Its only what 3 or 4 setting changes and takes 1 minute.

You mention overvolting, what is overvolting like 1.45v? I try to keep my chip around 1.3-1.3.75v for daily use but it al depends on the temps you are getting.
Modern cpu all have a wall they will hit where they wont oc any higher no matter how much voltage you apply. Usually around 4.9-5.1ghz. At some point during your overclock testing
you will find that at about 100-200mhz before that wall you will notice that it takes a much bigger increase in voltage to hit a specified speed & be stable. I usually find that speed and back down 100mhz and use that for my 24/7 overclock. My chip is happy at 4.9ghz for 24/7 use. I am testing it at 1.295v with bios 1301 and it is stable so far in all tests and FC5 and BF1 but I needed 1.30-1.310v with the previous bios.
Hope you find where your instability lies.
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Level 7
Big thanx for all the info!

After changing LCC, SVID and cache ratio I'll wait a little and see, how well will it all work.
I set my RAM manualy too (maximus tweak 1 is used now).

Overvolting? Well giving more power, than CPU needs).
I guess I can setvcore to 1.35, a sit pretty with 4.8ghz, but that would be to much, right?
Now I'm getting around 60-65c CPU temp in games. But CPU core (1-4) temp jumps all the way from 50 to almost 80. So I can't even tell the middle value.

Oh, BTW, what does cache ratio affect?

Level 11
No problem glad to help. Make sure to save your settings as a profile in the bios. You may want to make a notepad file and copy all your settings to it so when/if Asus
releases another new bios it will be easier to rekey the settings. Also remember you can take screenshots of your bios settings if you have a flash drive in your pc.

Yeah 1.35v is alot for 4.7 even 4.8ghz. Make sure to make small adjustments to vcore when testing. It sounds like you may be thermally limited. If your not comfortable with gaming temps at 4.8 then use 4.7ghz.
My gaming temps are 67-69c on all cores at 4.9ghz. Should be a little lower but I have a Bitspower summit EF-Xrgb cpu waterblock, cpu not delidded.

Cach ratio or Uncore is part of the cpu. They say that you should try to keep it within 300mhz of your core overclock setting but raising it doesnt give you much performance boost
at all. Some people prefer to leave it low for that reason and to help eliminate confusion when it comes to instability. You can run it at 42 if you want, you can also set min and max to the same number if you want.
ASUS Maximus 13 Hero, Intel I9 11900k, EVGA GeForce RTX 3080 FTW3 ULTRA

It's really more useful to write all the changed settings down on papper, rather using profiles 😄
I'm using only 1 set of those, so the only thing that will wipe them out is a new BIOS.

Scrshts are a good idea too!

About the cachce, read a couple of guides, and yes,there are just advices "keep cachce at xx Mhz" no explanation.
Have set it 4500mhz.

Don't know about core temps, but cpu tems suits me.
Thought about buying an AIO cooler,but 7700k is "already old" so i guess no point in spending more money in this rig.
Would buy a beer to someone, who could delid, but there is no one around)