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Bios, os's, booting, legacy media?.

Level 9
So i find myself in one of those situations where your iso wont boot from usb. It will boot fine under vmware as a dvd/cd or if i did record it to a dvd or cdr. But wont boot from the usb, even tho its an active primary partition, i boot other isos off usb no problem. I was wondering will we see mountable ISO's and the like done from bios?.

Alot of stuff are in iso formats. Recovery software, firmware updaters, operating system installations, bootable antivirus/malware/rootkits to scan your stuff outside of your OS, partition managers, secure disk configurations, MiniOS's traditionally off usb sticks, also perhaps images of your included discs from hardware purchases, like lets say R4E motherboard cd with whatever software licenses that might include. Whats the issue? should this not like be in there by now?, is there some sort of legal concern?. I could of-coarse quit my bitching and install a optical drive in my precious build in progress rog rig, but it just feels wrong, and there so noisy!

What say you, cd-dvd emulation / iso mounting from bios?. Any thoughts on the subject?.
R4E, 3960x@stock, 16gb gskill 1600mhz cl9, cooler master cosmos 2, intel 520 60gb ssd, h100.