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BIOS freezed after update from Z97-K BIOS 0330 to Z97-K BIOS 2902

Level 7
Hello all,

I have a problem, actually 2 problems, all began with the Strix Soar sound card, i have problems as described here -> (cutting clips, mic noises, etc.) i tried everything last night, my last ideea was a bios update, took the driver from here put in on a 4gb usb flash, restarted the computer got into bios via F2 -> Asus Eazy Flash Utility -> selected the drive and the .cap file after all of this i've confirmed the bios update, a yellow-orange bar loaded on the bottom the the bios said -> " i need restart " all went well. After the restart the system entered Windows 10 i tought everything went well, but when i got again into BIOS with F2 the following message appeared (attached) i CAN'T use the mouse / keyboard neither the USB ones or the PS2 ones (older models) the image is just freezed.

I also tried to reset the BIOS, i've removed the Motherboard battery, put it right into place again and nothing happened, i don't really know what to do anymore... i think the update is stucked somehow between versions, is there any fix, what should i do ?

I also have the Sound Card problems .... but i cant explain why 😞

Can anyone help me please ?
Is there any way to reset the bios except the battery ?

* later edit: FIXED
i've removed the Strix Soar from the slot and the cursor moved, strange but lucky 🙂