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Bios Clarification for ROG GL702VM-DS74 aka ROG GL702VMK

Level 7
Hey guys. I have my drivers from what i can tell all up to date on my ROG GL702VM-DS74
This laptop is also listed as GL702VMK. On the asus driver site, I am always offered an option on the gl702vm driver page: SELECT MODEL: GL702VM OR GL702VMK . Of course i always select VMK as that is supposedly my laptop

Where i start to find some confusion is the bios updates and versions. The GL702VM driver page (NO K remember) now has bios updates up to 306 whereas GL702VMK offers up to only 303

I know i know, before someone posts and says "just go by your model which means you should be on 303", it's confusing as some asus forums still refer to the VMK model as a base model of VM. So my main question is, am i on the right version at 303 or is my VMK model also available to upgrade to BIOS 306

Second question is about Thunderbolt firmware update. I am currently on this:


Is there a newer version than this and if so could someone graciously share a link? Thanks everyone and i appreciate all the feedback

Level 7
up on this one
i have same question
it is rather wierd that oldest model (VM) gets newer BIOS then VMK