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Before you RMA take a picture they break it

Level 7
Before you send in your RMA take a a few pictures they will break it and say it was damaged.

Level 7
**Please do not respond to this email. For any inquiries, please contact ASUS Product Support at or 812-282-2787**

Dear Mr. Maltais,

Your RMA has been received; however there is a delay in processing as your unit was received with (missing/damaged components), which is not covered under the ASUS manufacturer warranty. Due to the severity of the physical damage your unit is not repairable and needs to be replaced. For your reference, please review the attached pictures. For more information in regards to types of damage not covered under ASUS manufacturer warranty, please visit,, and/or refer to your User Manual. If you would like to continue with the RMA process for your ASUS product, please return the completed and signed credit card form by one of the following methods:

Fax: 510-797-2102

Email: (for payment only)"> (PDF/JPG formats accepted only)

Payment will need to be received no later than (5/1/12

) to prevent your RMA from being returned unrepaired on (5/4/12). The repair process will take approximately 5-10 business days for repairs to be completed once payment has been approved.

Cost of Replacement(all amounts are USD) –

enter amounts on credit card form PRIOR to printing the form:

Parts - $168.00

Shipping – please select

one shipping method only on credit card form

Sales Tax** – please select

one option only on credit card form

**Only if you reside in California or Canada will sales tax be charged. If you are outside California or Canada, please select "none".

All credit card forms must be received with a physical signature for credit card payment processing. If sending via email, you will need to complete the form, sign, and scan as a PDF/JPG format.

Thank you,
ASUS Product Support Team

Level 15
This is the 3rd thread you've made about this. Please keep it to one thread.