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Battlfield V + Anthem bundle redeem code issue

Level 7

I bought my Asus dual 2080 ti OC in Thailand at 10th of January 2019. I want to redeem my codes to the bundle (Battlefield V + Anthem), but the link on the site leads to Nvidia site. NVIDIA site asks to enter promo code, which I don't have.

I sent a message to MasterC@ASUS asking to help me, but I didn't get any response yet.
What should I do?


Level 7
Same problem, any admins can help us get our games please?

same here. Unable to redeem battlefield v and anthem.

Me too - was emailed some game codes but dont work through the Geforce Experience Software ?

I am not even able to pass the redemption page to generate a code for myself for BFV or Metro Exodus.

It worked for Anthem but my GPU doesnt exist for Metro and BFV..

Please help team.

Kind Regards,

Game Bundle Redemption- METRO

I also have this issue, only mine is I cannot redeem Battlefield V and Anthem.

email them at ] since 15th of March and until now , my issue not resolved.
What is worse is they don't even reply with any message to indicate they are looking into this issue of mine.

so frustrating

Yep, same here. still haven't heard from them. like wtf is happening?

Is there anyone we can contact in asus who can actually do something about this.

I have been trying to email for the past 4 days and it keeps returning my email saying their "Mailbox" is full..

Hello? Any admins here?

been PM-ing left right and center and posting here and there but I am still left in the dark...

Trying to redeem for the second week. Sent a message to an admin. Nothing. Pretty frustrating. Keep getting an error submitting the information form. Not sure what to do. 😞