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B450-F slow windows boot.

Level 7
For some reason i only noticed this a few months ago, but my windows boot times are abominable.

It takes 45 seconds to boot up to the windows home screen. 33.6 seconds for bios time in task manager's startup. Not even load apps. I have an Samsung 860 evo 500GB. I seriously tried everything i could find:
- Updated my SSD
- Updated my BIOS
- Updated my windows
- Made my SSD the only boot option
- Removed all apps from startup
- Enabled high performance power mode
- Ran some benchmarks: SSD seems to be up to speed
- Made sure my drive is in AHCI mode
- Disabled/reduced some animations and what not in the BIOS
- Removed USB devices and HDD

Honestly i cant even remember how many things I've tried.

But then i searched around, and apparenly the motherboard i have (an Asus B450-F) could be one of the culprits. There are loads of people who say Asus makes the slowest booting motherboards. Now i reached out to asus, and guess what they said?

"I think 45 seconds to boot is normal for your motherboard"

WHAT?! This thing cost me 100 euros, dont tell me your expensive motherboard is worse then a cheap one.

Now what do i do? Reinstall windows and start clean maybe? I'm at my end, so i came here to ask. I've asked this on reddit few hours ago and someone suggested asking here.