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AURA, AI Suite III and temperature issues

Level 7
So my specs are:

  • 3700x
  • ASUS B450-E Gaming 2605 BIOS
  • Trident Z RGB 3200 MHz cl16
  • Corsair H100i Platinum
  • ASUS STRIX 1070
  • Seasonic Focus 650W
  • Kingston A400 500GB SSD + 1TB HDD

1st issue I have is with AI Suite III. For some reason DIGI+VRM option was switching on and off randomly and temperatures were spiking from 43c to 55c. At idle. Fanexpert caused crashes when trying to calibrate. So I decided to uninstall AI Suite III. But I could't because it said something about previous installation and I had to reboot. Well I did that like 10 times and still reporting same error. I searched information about this issue and the only way I could delete AI Suite III was, going to the safe mode and deleting all all ASUS software. So basically deleting C:\Program Files (x86)\ASUS folder. After that I cleared registry with CCleaner.

So now after deleting AI Suite III, my motherboard isn't detecting my MOBO. So I deleted and reinstalled AURA. But now it's not detecting anything. Neither MOBO, RAM nor GPU. So I though, that I need to install AI Suite III again... which I did but without DIP5, only the board information. After installation I rebooted my PC. After booting up AURA is still isn't detecting. So I reinstalled aura again... Still nothing. I tried other AURA versions, but they reported that Auraservice is unavaible. I have unblocked files.

So now I have also issue with CPU temperatures. I have overclocked my 3700x to 4.2 GHz 1.1875 V and I'm cooling it with H100i platinum. Coolant temp is around 34-36c. My CPU temperatures spike up to 55c and then going down to around 42c when idling. Like 10 times in a minute. I have tried all power plans, including ryzen specific. This issue does happen with stock clocks. And because of there temperature spikes my front and rear fans spin up fast for a sec, which is not pleasing.

I have updated bios from 2501 to 2605 but with no improvements. Basically I'm not having a good time fiddling with my PC. I appreciate any response from anyone.

(Temperatures sorted out, they are fine for Ryzen 3000)
But issue with AURA sill remains

Level 16
I don't know the new Ryzen CPUs, but a Vcore of 1.875V is not good!!! Just a quick search, and it seems that you don't want to go over 1.4V.
Are you sure that you are looking at Vcore? Is this in BIOS?

If you open CPU-Z, what does it shows at the CPU voltage?
On the other hand, jumping temps in idle is normal - if you have something going on in the background. You can check it in Task Manager.*

I put 1.875 V by mistake lol. The correct voltage is 1.1875 V. Drops to around 1.17 V at full load. Max temps max out at 65c.

CPU usage is under 5% when idle. Not sure if that's enough to make temps spike up that much.

Level 16
Oh, OK!

Sometimes yes, even 5% of CPU load would reflect in temp fluctuation... that's fine, I wouldn't worry about it. Well, either*42C or 55C in idle are too hot for my taste though... What is the max temp on heavy load?

I ran 10 CB15 runs. All runs scored around 2000 points. At 4.2 GHz it maxed out at 65c.

AIO fans are running only 1200 RMP to keep it quiet. 34-38c coolant temp.

Level 16
OK then, voltages and temps seems fine! When I said that the idle is too high for my taste, I meant exactly that - I do not like high idle temps, but it is really a personal preference (they are influenced by ambient temp, which I like very low also)

So, for the Ai Suite... I have to say that I don't like it! The concept of OC'ing in my mind is tight to BIOS (maybe I am too old...). I do remember, back in the day when Ai Suite showed up, it was a mess - I do not know now, though... The problems arise when multiple software (Asus, Corsair, benchmarks, stress tests, etc) were polling the same probes. Then the only option was to never install it.

I am still going without Ai Suite these days... My opinion is to backup all your data, and reinstall Windows - then get all the updates for it; then install all the drivers for your board and graphics. Then, if you need Aura, just install that one (it works for me without Ai Suite). Then do OC'ing from BIOS.

I do like to run memtest86 before installing Windows...*

About the temps. The reason why 3700x is idling at 40 to 50 c is actually because of 7nm. Making smaller die(s) reduces surface area of a die(s), which also makes it harder to dissipate heat.

So, what I'm going to do is wait for next version of AURA and see if it works or not. If not, I can just move important files from SSD to HDD and clean install Windows on SSD.