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Attention Asus - Your Tech Support Is A Mess!

Level 10
Hello Asus,

While it's been recently brought to my attention that employees of Asus frequent this forum I truly hope someone higher up the Corporate ladder will take what I have to say and really have this company sit down and have a serious meeting, and get this company's messed straightened out.

I recently purchased a B250F Gaming board, which I have come to find out that Asus has bios issues with this board, that's another story and post to be made next, but the problem is the horrendous tech support I recently ran into, not from one or two people, but like 4 people, and one that was supposed to be a Tech Support Supervisor.

The latest BIOS for these boards in the BIOS UI causes several issues for me, so the solution I was trying to work on for several days and hours, was to simply roll/revert the bios back, and out of 4 people , one including a supervisor, they weren't sure if this would work, meaning, they were not 100% certain if I could roll back the bios, but only expressed to the me the idea that it should work.

Then I called Asus on another day, and this tech who sounded 100% certain of himself over the phone clearly stated you can't roll back the bios on these boards.

So who was right, I certainly don't know, the techs all themselves were confused, and just a lot of time running around, that is called TOTAL BS!

The moral of the story here is that Asus has clearly shown me that the people working as so called Techs, most of them don't know what they are doing, and this should not be happening.

I have always run into problems when dealing with Asus, and many of them going back like 3-5 years ago, as though the problems just never seem to stop. The point I'm trying to make, called Asus 3-5 years ago problems, called them this month, problems, so problems just year after year with this company.

Of course I am reasonable to understand that people make mistakes, but I am not talking about mistakes, I am talking about the great level of incompetence that this company continues to show consumers like myself.

Tech Support that doesn't know what they are doing is not a mistake, it is COMPANY INCOMPETENCE, that doesn't seem know how to manage , delegate and train people to do a job the proper way.

It's not complicated, is Asus trying to tell people, that it is not capable of hiring executives to manage an run a company for them?

When a company shows people poor support in this manner, that shows me a company that is not managing itself properly.

Delegation, chain of command, groups broken into segments to manage....


It doesn't matter how big you are, if a company has good management, which is clear to see this company doesn't, then you know how to run yourself better.

A call center with 500 people, broken into 50 segments, 10 people work in each segment, now pick whatever number of management staff you want overseeing and running these segments professionally, is that so difficult? And if it was done professionally this way, then I should not of run into 4 Tech staff not knowing how do to their job!

This is also the case N171062068 so that you can also use this to look into this unprofessional call center and get it fixed.

Level 10
The plot keeps thickening, now we have a company that yanks a BIOS and doesn't even tell us what's going on, this is also not the way to run a business;

Level 13
How are you trying to roll back. For a few buck more they sell boards with the BIOS flashback feature that is easy as pie to roll back. Thing is you want the performance, options and bling you have to pony up a few classes of boards. The B250F is pretty much the most affordable board they have for the financially challenged. Any other board in their entire line up currently offered is a step up. I would recommend at least the Maximus Hero for this market share of 6th and 7th gen Intel CPUs.

If you are using winflash to downgrade its pretty simple to perform
Open Command Prompt navigate to where you have Winflash installed, default command is cd C:\Program Files (x86)\ASUS\WinFlash unless you have it installed in a different location.
Now simply enter Winflash /nodate and then select your desired bios file where ever you saved it, ignore the warning about it being an older version and press Flash.

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Level 14
My only real complaint is the utter lack of useful documentation. Especially with the usual vague, uninformative, deliberately cryptic, and self-referential BIOS documentation (which often resembles something like this).

As for the rest ... well, ASUS clearly thinks of their customers in typical 80/20 business terms, so as a customer I respond by thinking of ASUS (in relation to ASUS competitors) in my own 80/20 terms.
"All opinions are not equal. Some are a very great deal more robust, sophisticated and well supported in logic and argument than others." - Douglas Adams


Level 10
@JustinThyme, hey thanks for some feedback, but I personally do not consider $130USD financially challenged, and the reason I went with the motherboard, is that I just want a good simple and stable board that does the basics good, no fancy bling, and it is that.

The MAXIMUS VIII HERO is only $60USD more, I can certainly afford to ship back this motherboard and get that, but the real question I have in my mind, what is $60 more going to do for simply gaming?

I don't need any features, I don't OC cpu or ram, just for gaming, I don't see why this board would be any better then the B250F, unless the PCI-E lane(s) will allow my EVGA GTX1060 gpu to perform better, or the ssd, or ram? Hmm

I'm a Geek, and I know that sometimes all the so called bling, is just at times, more things to go wrong, or why buy into a $200 motherboard is what all of us gaming geeks should be saying when I don't need all the features.

I keep it simple, I've always followed this idea as a Linux geek KISS! 🙂 LOL

I only have the ram, psu, cpu, and gtx1060 in this thing with a 128GB Samsung 850Pro and nice HyperX keyboard and gaming mouse. What more does a gamer really need when you think about it?

There is really only one thing that would make my system top notch, slapping in a GTX1080...

So far I'm only seeing the BIOS as a problem in the UI...

So here's the problem on the BIOS;!

Level 14
You didn't have issues with the previous BIOS, if the issues in the new BIOS bother you enough then just roll back, lol.

Or live with "bad" BIOS while you wait for a newer BIOS to fix them. But realistically once you've finished all the configuration and tweaking there's little need to launch BIOS very frequently, sluggish UI is annoying but hardly worth obsessing over if you only actually see it (at most) a few minutes per month.

ASUS has many times said things like:
Raja@ASUS wrote:
Its [STRIX] a mainstream gaming board designed to be put into a chassis. The premium boards are the ROG Maximus series.

So while STRIX is not "cheap" or "low end" it is also not "premium" or "high end". If you want premium-class features and capacities and support then a MAXIMUS is a far better choice. I view STRIX as basically being PRIME plus some ROG gamer-centric features (ROG audio, ROG styling, ROG overclocking, etc), it's plenty for gaming, but it's certainly not as capable or as aggressively supported as MAXIMUS and CROSSHAIR.
"All opinions are not equal. Some are a very great deal more robust, sophisticated and well supported in logic and argument than others." - Douglas Adams


Level 10
@Korth, not sure where you got the idea from, but I've been having issue with both boards, and today the new one when I started it up, I mentioned in the BIOS post, advanced/drifted 2 minutes ahead in time, with a new battery I bought 2 weeks ago, Duracell...

None of the higher priced STRIX are as good as the ASUS ROG MAXIMUS VIII?

I see I can get a ASUS ROG MAXIMUS VIII for like around $180USD...

Thanks Korth


Level 14
The MAXIMUS mobos have more power phases and can support higher overclocks on processor and memory. They also have the Q-Code display (basically just a POST card built into the mainboard) which is a seriously handy timesaver when tinkering and tweaking and troubleshooting, lol. While the MAXIMUS hardware may or may not actually achieve faster/higher extreme overclocks than the STRIX hardware, it is more robust and stable for handling "standard" overclocks (or default/stock non-overclocks) and heavy system loads in general.

MAXIMUS, CROSSHAIR, APEX, and EXTREME motherboards do get all the love at these forums so when ASUS is pressed these are always the first motherboards to receive attention and support. Support for PRIME, STRIX, and TUF motherboards seems not quite as timely or comprehensive.

I do really like the black-on-black carbon/graphite and brushed metal styling on the STRIX mobos ... but in the end I think active product support outweighs it.
"All opinions are not equal. Some are a very great deal more robust, sophisticated and well supported in logic and argument than others." - Douglas Adams


Level 10
Well I'm not doing any OC on the CPU, GPU, or Ram, I just keep everything stock, and because of that I also bought Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 DRAM 2133MHz C13.

Korth is the MAXIMUS VIII the lower end priced on the higher end boards?

One other thing, will Windows 7 install easy on this motherboard? The B250F is a pain in the butt to install, because of it, I went with Win10 instead...

But I bought an i7 6700K thinking I could easily install Win7 onto the B250F, boy was I wrong... 😞


Hi SlackROG

In the bios on the Tool tab, if you have the EZ Flash utility 3 utility you should be able to install any bios version.

On the Maximus IX Code, I can install any bios version with the EZ Flash 3 utility or bios flashback. I can update the bios via the internet in EZ Flash 3 which is like EZ Update in AI Suite, these two will install the latest bios with no way of rolling back.