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Asus Z390-e stuck on dram led after downgrading bios

Level 7
This all started with me updating my bios from 805 to 1401. After updating the bios I encountered stuttering while opening apps or playing games. The cursor would become delayed and the screen would freeze. I scoured the internet for solutions and was told to update drivers and what not so I did so. This did not fix the issue so I contacted Asus’ customer support the first person told me to clear the cmos so I did but still no luck so I contacted them again. The next person told me to redowload an older bios and recommended the latest before that which is 1302, however the motherboard did not allow me to downgrade the bios so I searched for a solution. I found a video which I will link here* I followed every step and did as it told me to. After turning off the system as instructed I turned it back on to find myself stuck on the yellow dram light. I hope I didn’t brick my motherboard or something. Perhaps I was stupid to follow this tutorial on YouTube but and insight on my situation would be helpful thanks.