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ASUS Turkey Service Complaints

Level 7

As a group of concerned customers from Turkey, we wanted to write about the state of the local servicing establishment, ServisPoint, and how it has started to sway many existing and loyal customers away from ASUS, as well as new customers from the ASUS brand.

ServisPoint, who is a subcontractor to ASUS, has consistently delivered subpar customer service, including actions that do not comply with the Turkish customer protection laws. Their consistent attempts to disqualify any and all products from warranty coverage, even sending back products with more defects/problems than it was sent with, has discouraged many from even considering this brand for their future purchases. There is a sizeable group, as you will be able to tell by these emails, that belong to this category of customers.

We expect from ASUS, a concrete step and it should be noted that no company is indispensable and without alternatives if immediate action is not taken regarding the issue.

As loyal ASUS fans, we still believe you will do the right thing and take steps to remedy this issue. We hope these grievances will be corrected, and a new era of post-sales product support will be ushered by ASUS Global in one of the biggest markets in the EMEA region.

Kind Regards

Level 7
Here is my claim.. no one has been able to prove that this case did not occur in the service company yet; from the asus side.


The product was sent to ServicePoint Asus in the Asus protection box and its own Asus video card box, which came from abroad, because there was a serious display malfunction. Then the product was supposedly repaired and sent to me.
While receiving the product, I took video and photos. There are scratches on several parts of the card and video card box as a result of negligence in the service, which is a serious problem. In addition, the safety band was not re-affixed, the product case was in bad cosmetic condition and the card was damaged in the service. Thereupon, I registered many times and they said to me for a refund, open an rma and it will be sent back to the technical service. We opened an RMA and declared an urgency 25 I have not been using the card for 30 days. The card I sent intact arrived with scratches on all sides. Even though I call every day, the guys do not take the customer seriously. There is no response for the rma request. Please make the necessary warning to asus turkey and get the graphics card back. I want my fee back.asus called me and said no refund possible

I just started reading forums after I was allowed to write a reply and I ran on that thread.

I am surprised that nobody answered here.

Nobody likes to reply to complains but shouldn't support representatives just say something?