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asus support (rma) question

Level 7
Hello everyone, new on here.
SO I have a general question. I received a faulty board from newegg (the right dimm slots don't work / the pci-e clip came broken). I instantly emailed newegg and put in an rma and guess what? instantly denied my rma due to the clip being broken yet it came like that :mad:
ANYWAYS, they told me to put in a RMA with asus but my question is will asus replace the board even with the clip being broken? Or will I be charged? Kinda irritated with newegg atm especially since this is my first time receiving a faulty motheboard.

The board I have is an asus rog rampagage v extreme.

thanks guys 🙂

Hello malone209

Welcome to the ROG forum.

I don't know if Asus would do an RMA with a broken pcie clip or not, I know they won't RMA if there are bent cpu socket pins. The best help you could get in your situation would be to contact Bahz. When you see him on at the bottom of the forum page send him a private message and explain your situation. I'm not guaranteeing you anything but he would be the one to talk to.

well, luckily no bent pins on my part lol. I tested the board when I received it and the pci-e slot works just fine, just the stupid clip that is supposed to hold in the card is broken.
Anyways, thank you for directing me to someone who might have some insight 🙂 im literally playing the waiting game till newegg sends me my motherboard back...

Level 9
My PCI-e clip on my main 16x top slot broke today on my Asus Rampage V board. I was moving my 2 Fury X graphics cards around to get them a bit better orientated with the radiators as I had recently upgraded my case and wasn't happy with how the hoses were running. Anyway I released the clip as normal but when I pulled the card out it seems to have hung on it and the plastic arm holding the clip in snapped in half. I guess if I had a new clip I could just snap out the bad part and put in a new one but again Fury X cards are not very long and heavy like other fan cooled boards so it is still in the slot very tight when the 2 screws in. Not sure its going to cause a problem. It must makes me mad and I feel like its going to bug me forever now until I get a new board lol.

I worry though if I end up changing cards in the future and get one of those longer heavier cards if its going to be an issue.
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