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Asus ROG x99 Strix

Level 7
I have this motherboard for some years, happy with it so far but as time goes by i have upgraded to new system. My plan is to use this motherboard as a storage unit now and since i have Core i7-6900K in it i think thats a ovekill for that purpose 😄

So the cheapest 2011v3 processor i could find, used offcourse, is E5-1603 v3 with 4 cores ( 20 euros in Europe ) but that processor is not listed as suitable for this motherboard. On other hand E5-1603 v4 is, so my question is has anyone tryed E5-1603 v3 in this motherboard, can confirm that is working with it, or do you have any knowledge that even it might work?

Thanks for any info.

Level 7
...short answer, IT WORKS! 🙂

...long answer, decided to buy E5 1603 V3 after Google-ing and found couple of threads on Internet and since this CPU is very cheap, for example

but i have found other sites stating that it works or should work.


And my test went without any issues, or should i say the only issue I had is that board didnt POST with Samsung memory M471A1G43DB0-CPB but its working just fine with Apacer AU04GGB13CDTBGH ( tried with these two because i had them lying around )

hope this will help someone :cool:

ps dont judge my setup i just wanted to see if the processor will work on this motherboard 🙂