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Asus ROG Strix Z270E Wifi Disconnecting Issue

Level 7
Hi Guys,

I have an Asus ROG Strix Z270E mobo. My WiFi disconnects randomly...whether its just watching a long video on youtube, streaming sports, online gaming (extremely frustrating getting booted from a live game with friends on your new $1500 PC while they are rocking 5 year old systems). I noticed this problem increase in frequency when using utorrent downloading something. It disconnects every couple of minutes so it seems to be an issue under load. I'm having a terrible experience with this Asus product right now.

Some details of my rig:
i7 7700k
Asus ROG Strix Z270E mobo
corsair h100i v2 cooler
32gb corsair lpx vengence 3200 ram
asus rog gtx 1060 6GB
Samsung evo 250gb ssd
segate barracuda 3tb 7200 hdd
evga 750w bronze psu
Windows 10 x64

I believe 99.9% this is a problem with the motherboard because when this happens, my cellphone and laptop still have a connection with no issues - can load websites etc. It is just my PC that gets disconnected. It automatically reconnects back within about 30 seconds to 1 min. Previously I would game on a laptop in the exact same room, same position, same desk - never experienced internet issues ever. I typically get ~90 Mbps over Wifi. Also, in the same room I've gamed online previously for like 10 hours straight with no issues on my xbox one.

Yes, I had the latest driver from the Asus website.

I found 1 review on amazon where the reviewer suggested that for this Mobo - the wifi and bluetooth suck with frequent disconnections (contrary to other reviewers saying this board is great)...and to download generic drivers which fixes his issue. I did this already by downloading the generic Intel wifi driver and uninstalling the qualcomm drivers. I did this both for wifi and bluetooth as I also had bluetooth issues. I still have this issue with disconnections even on my intel driver. Yes, my windows says its up to date.

Steps I've already taken -
-uninstalled all wifi and bluetooth drivers. Reinstalled asus ones.
-Uninstalled all wifi and bluetooth drivers. Installed intel generic ones.
-uninstalled all wifi and bluetooth drivers. Installed intel generic ones and then Asus ones.
-already went to the wifi adapter settings and under power management made sure nothing was checeked to disconnect it
-went to power settings and it was Max Performance (at default)

I started looking at pcie wifi cards...for one card on Amazon, 2 reviews stated "I bought this to replace my asus wifi that kept disconnecting". I know I'm not the only one with this problem....

I'm hoping someone can help me out...I've tried other forums with no luck and I'm really frustrated to the point where I've had this Mobo for 1 month and I want to return it or throw it out my window. I didn't pay an extra ~$80 for a board with WiFi to now have to buy an $80 pcie wifi card......And NO I cannot get an ethernet in this room and defeats the whole purpose of buying a board with WiFi on it. I would have gotten the Asus Prime if I didn't need the wifi.

Even though I know for a fact its not my router settings...perhaps is there things I can try on my wifi settings as well? I've read some stuff about changing channels to avoid interference...don't quite understand this.

Anything I can do from the driver side? This board only has 1 driver on the website so its not like I can get an old version of the driver.

Your suggestions are GREATLY appreciated. Thank you kindly in advance.

Edit: if it helps. Im running wifi off of 5Ghz. Thats why I'm not sure if changing channels will have any effect.

Level 7

I'm also having similar problem in my case some time WiFi Disconnects but most of the time if connected to Internet thru WiFi, speed reduces drastically.

Looks like either the hardware itself is faulty or drivers issues.