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Asus ROG Delta

Level 7
I recently bought the Asus ROG Delta from Amazon after hearing a lot of good things about it all over the internet (tbh there is not that much inforamtion about it) but now I have a problem. The sound is really "bad" at the moment, and Im not sure if I just have some issues on my side, or idk. the sound is just not complete and sounds a bit strange (I used a Razer Kraken Pro 7.1 before) I just want to know if anyone can help me with that, because I there is no way it should sound this way. Just to givesome inforamtions:
Mainboard: the ancient Asus P8P67
Operating System: Windows 10 Pro 64bit
The ROG Armoury is properly installed but changing the settings there wont help that much. Its also interesting that the sound is worse in some programms (spotify or games) compared to chrome or some other stuff.
I hope someone can help me with it, otherwise I will sadly send back to amazon soon
If you need any more inforamtions, just ask me

Level 7
Same here.

Armoury sometimes responsive, sometimes not. Headset keeps quite quiet.

To be honest. Make a return. Asus does not care. Those issues have been reported many times. Then they promise a fix that does nothing and your chance to RMA is over.

I am still with my 14 days of RMAing to Amazon and I think that's exactly what I am gonna do.

The headset is allright, the software is faulty without end.