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ASUS ROG and Intel 40th Anniversay i7-8086K

Level 10
Probably most of you heared about Intel plans to launch new processor for his 40th years Anniversary.
i7-8086K model should arrive with 4.0GHz Base Clock and 5.0GHz Turbo Clock, but his value for me is much bigger than his performance.
Something similar why I enjoy in ASUS Rampage V Edition 10 launched for ROG 10th Anniversary.
Such hardware always excited me much more than ordinary series.


Now I have recommendation for ASUS.
I think Intel i7-8086K deserve specific motherboard with Intel Z370 Chipset and some Intel motives and logos as celebrate 40th Anniversay.
I would say perfect board for that would be one board and she miss from usuall Maximus Line. That's Maximus X Extreme.
But she is unreachable to many people because price would be arround 500$, because of that maybe new motherboard 300-350$ price range would be perfect.
New Code or Apex designed to celebrate 40th years of Intel 8086 x86 Processor.

If NVIDIA could launch TITAN with Star Wars, high end motherboards Assassin Creed Editions or similar things ... Intel deserve that.
They stop with motherboard production but probably would launch some motherboard for 40th Anniversary.
I talk only if rumors about him are true, if answer is Yes, he will be far best gaming CPU with 1.0+GHz faster Core than Ryzen.


Like I sad this CPU have much bigger value than his performance and should stay with owners forever, even when become outdated.
I would go even further... Pure Silver IHS mirror polished in his dimension should be prepared and precisely engraved by someone who work with jewels, diamonds, gold, silver.
Only to engrave on Silver IHS, but not deep, original Intel's data and name of CPU.

That would be amazing and epic peace of hardware.
Delided by experts and tool with nicely install liquid metal he will easier reach 5.3-5.4GHz than AMD Ryzen 4.3GHz.