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ASUS ROG 3060 at or about MSRP

Level 7
Okay, I am probably barking up the wrong tree or beating a dead horse but...

Can anyone recommend a store that has the ASUS ROG STRIX 3060 card in stock for close to MSRP? I 'm a disabled vet working on a fixed budget and can't afford the crazy prices. I have no real problem buying refurbished or even used in good condition. I just finished my build of a ASUS Maximus XIII Hero but am finding the onboard Intel just has problems. Mostly lockups in Photoshop and 3ds Max. I don't game, at least not any more. NVidia has always been my preferred card but I would go with an ASUS AMD ROG card that compares to the 3060. Really want to add a 3060 or better if the price is right. So any help, top secret locations, underground hideouts, testers that need to part with one....

Shoot me a message please.
Darvin Atkeson
darvin [at] liquidmoonlight [dot] com

Hi DarvinAtkeson,

We're all barking up the same tree.

Even if you can find one at MSRP, finding one in stock is just as difficult.

This is the cheapest ASUS RTX 3060 I can find and it's of course out of stock.

Well thanks for at least taking the time to reply. Looks like I am going to bite the bullet for the moment and just hang with the onboard Intel graphics and complain to Intel to fix the problems with their drivers. At least my system is running extremely cool with the box so empty. Looks like the prices are rising on ebay based on the sold recently page. Back in November / December they were reasonable.

Yeah, I am on B&H photos waiting list. So hopefully eventually....


Level 8
Your best bet at this time is probably trying your luck with the Newegg Shuffle that has been having again lately Monday - Friday from 8am-11am Pacific Time. Basically you select whatever product(s) you are interested in purchasing from the shuffle list and then wait to see if you are selected. If you are, you receive an email with a specific time slot that you must purchase that item (video card) on that same day.

Finally grabbed a nice 3060 V2 12Gb.

It turns out NewEgg had it on special in a package for less than I could get the graphic card alone for on eBay or Amazon. So even if I can't sell the part of the package I don't need, I still got away with the card at a fraction of the going rate. And I am pretty certain I can sell the other item without any problems based on recent sales on eBay.

Thanks for the suggestions.
Just luck that I even saw the combo.

Card is in and I am up and running.
Only shame is it covers up the ROG butterfly on the motherboard.

Thanks to all that took the time to chime in.