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ASUS RMA hell, 4 RMAs and still no fix

Level 7
My new laptop purchased in May has coil whine. ASUS support has been excellent in reaching out to fix it, but they are horrible at actually fixing it.

Log of events so far:

* Started with numerous support chats - wasn't sure the cause, tried numerous sound driver issues (the coil whine happened under a speaker).
* RMA #1 to get the issue fixed. I sent the laptop in. They replaced some speaker parts, didn't test if the issue went away. Sent it back unfixed.
* Another support chat, after a while, it went to RMA.
* In the RMA instructions I gave detailed instructions that it was coil whine, and showed exactly where the offending part is on the motherboard. Tech replaced something to do with the solid state hard drive (a part several inches away).
* The laptop was sent back. I noticed the screen was scratched up in several places and I had some other scratches on the laptop.
* ASUS reached out to me to see if it was fixed. I told them it was not. I asked them to call me. They called on the wrong number. I asked them to call me again, they didn't confirm a time, but unfortunately called when I was in a meeting. I asked them to set up an appointment. They then called while I was at work and sent an email the next day telling me to expect a phone call yesterday.
* ASUS apologizes and says they'll send me a replacement laptop. RMA #3.
* Replacement laptop arrives. It has the same coil whine.
* I pay a local computer shop $50 to help me navigate the free warranty. They are an authorized ASUS repair shop and know an ASUS rep. ASUS rep agrees to do an expedited RMA. Now it's RMA #4.
* About a month later, the laptop comes back, they didn't work on it at all, but instead wrongly said a needed fee wasn't paid.

So now it's 5 months later, 4 RMAs later, numerous tech support chats, numerous attempted phone calls, and ASUS can't fix a simple problem listed under their 2 year warranty...

In short, ASUS warranties are a lie. They just run the clock and expect customers to give up.