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ASUS Live Update Problem

Level 7
Hello, and thanks for taking the time to read this. I just recently bought an ASUS ROG Strix GL702VM-DB74, with 16GB of RAM, SSD, HDD and all those. I'm typing this on my phone so bear with me.

Anyway, I was using the laptop the moment I got home and was transferring many GB worth of files, videos and pictures, and of course, applications. As I was doing this, ASUS Live Update pops up telling me there is an update available. (Sadly, I was too excited about the laptop that the moment I saw ASUS I just pressed install and didn't even bother to read what it was installing) (Yea, I suck. I know)

After that, I opened Windows Update and checked for updates, it downloaded a few files but due to my internet being bandwithed at 800MB, it couldn't download everything. I went ahead and restarted my system and this is where the problem started.

My system shuts down but once it tries to reboot, it's stuck with the screen dark, it's on with backlight but the ROG logo doesn't show up and it's stuck there. And the only way I can actually get the laptop to open again is to force shutdown using the power button which I know is very unhealthy, I'm sorry lappy.

And it doesn't boot properly right away, it may take me 3-5 force shutdowns until it boots, I don't see any fault in my laptop's performance, it's still fast, basically it's all good while it's open but once you restart it, the problem occurs.

Now, I would be too positive if I just go with the mindset: Just never restart it then, problem solved.

The problem is, it doesn't just do it whenever I restart, sometimes, even after a shut down, it does the same problem of not booting. (Sadly, I'm unsure if this was the case the first time but I doubt it, I screwed myself over with that Live Update thing)

So I've spent probably more than 8 hours looking for a solution, and since I'm not that well informed about computers and its insides, I didn't want to tamper too deeply and accidentally break it more.

But, here's what I tried:

1. Put the computer to never sleep.
2. Turn on Hibernate with Fast Startup enabled.
3. Turn off Hibernate, Sleep and Fast Startup.
4. Reset computer with personal files intact.

And last, which seemed to work for a bit:
5. Reset computer, removing everything. (This was advised by the seller btw)

It worked, yes. But only for a matter of time. After resetting my computer back to its factory settings, I restarted 3 times, all succeeding. And so, I got confident again and started installing some essentials: CCleaner, Malwarebytes, Opera, and ShareIt. I also went ahead and checked for Windows updates. The files were 1 GB in total so couldn't download them anyway. So after this, I tried restarting again before I went down to eat dinner because I got paranoid... ANNNDD it did it again.

I tried a second time, it restarted properly. And I said to myself, if you restart properly the third time, I will not reset you.

So I did, and it didn't restart properly. But I didn't reset it yet because I wanted to wait for my seller's opinion on this. He told me that he had a customer with the same problem and same reason, not sure if we have the same unit. But so far he hasn't told me if he found the solution the customer did.

He also suggested for me to wipe my laptop clean and that he'll send me a Windows 10 ISO with the key installed with the BIOS (I hope I'm terming these right) and the drivers as well. (I'm way too much of a nub regarding this that I got nervous just reading the message)

Or, I could go to the service center, which is like 2 hours away from me and that they'd do the same. (I kinda prefer this but.. yeah)

So I'd like to ask, is there any other way that is simple to do? Aside from this I don't really know what to ask, but I'd like to hear others' thoughts regarding this situation and if they have a simple solution for a dummy like me. Or should I just wait for my seller to respond? Yeah, I probably should. But anyway, just wanted to get this pointed out.

So for now, fair warning as everybody else says, don't touch ASUS LiveUpdate. Don't be like me getting too excited about your "new" laptop and looking for updates ;-; gaah.

Any help would be appreciated! Thank you for your time and have a good day.


Today, the seller replied to my question whether I should do a Windows 10 clean install first or update the BIOS, he told me to update the BIOS. For some reason, I couldn't, but it helped me find a solution.

As I was looking for a way to make my BIOS config read my USB, I had to do the following settings:

1. Disable Fast Startup from BIOS Configuration.
2. Diable Secure Boot something //sorry I forgot, but it's at the Security tab.
3. Enable Run CSHM? CSM? CHM? It's under Fast Startup.

This, somehow.. fixed my problem of not being able to boot sometimes and failing restarts, although when I restart it heats up for some reason, but it's not so bad as to overheat it, I'm assuming I really need to update the BIOS, but then again I can't. If anyone knows how I could make the uSB work, please do help me, I'd appreciate it.