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Asus is refusing to suspend or withdraw its operations from Russia.

Level 11
I just found out that asus is refusing cease its operations in Russia. As such, this is my personal protest to that refusal to take action. I hope enough folks will see this and make a similar decision.

These are the products that I've personally owned over the years. I'm sure I missed a few, but these are the ones I could remember from the top of my head. I've also built systems for others that included asus products, as well as recommended asus products to others.

Rampage IV Black Edition
Rampage V Extreme
X99-E WS
rampage VI Extreme
Rampage VI Extreme Encore
x570 Hero
x570 Dark Hero
Strix x570-i
Crosshair VIII Impact
z690 Formula

2x 2080Ti Strix
3090 Strix

1200w Thor PSU
360 Riujin AIO

RT-AX88U Router

I will never purchase another asus product, or recommend an asus product. In fact, I will actively dissuade people from purchasing asus products.

Level 7
I agree with you. I have been Asus customer for many years and I would always purchase their top line motherboards, routers, GPUs and other hardware just because my experience has been always good but.....
Starting from individuals to small and big companies and organizations that don't see whats happening in Ukraine as a genocide and absolute cruelty to so many innocent people and wont help in their own way Its shameful and selfish.

I see people complaining about high gas prices and although I cant blame them totally as I am paying that as well and I feel the pain, but look whats happening there, all those dead people and families that had their life's destroyed, if that's what it takes and we can contribute in someways, that's the least we can do.

Is there anything, some links to show what you saying that Asus not contributing anything to help, if they are, that would be selfish and I would consider to drop Asus as well and not support them anymore .

Level 11
Thank you for your reply Megascrypt.

Here is what I have so far. One is a link from Yale school of management that compiled a current list of companies and where they stand. The second is a tweet from VP of Ukraine, asking asus to withdraw from its operations in Russia.

If the situation is not up to date and someone directly from asus can help us clarify, I would sincerely appreciate it.

Level 7
Although I live in Canada for the past 30 years I was born and raised in Poland and watching whats happening brakes my heart. What human-been would do such thing to so many incessant people, I'm so struggling with this .

In some ways, we ALL have an obligation and should contribute and show our support. Anyone who show no interest in contributing and doesn't care, let alone only care to capitalize, we should cut them loose and end our support with them as well, even if that means changing our preferences in brands and also individuals themselves.

Level 11
Really well put. I'm in a similar situation. Born and raised in Ukraine, have been in US for the last 30 years. Watching all this unfold has been absolutely gut wrenching. I know you, me and maybe any other person this post reaches are just solitary people, but I do hope this reaches someone in the company who can at least see that this is an issue.

Level 11
I found another article about the matter.*

It’s from a fairly reputable source. Does Yale have the wrong status? Can someone from asus kindly comment to clear this up?*