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ASUS got me with their RMA nonsense. Defective USB Headers on RMA'd mobo.

Level 7
I sent in an ROG strix B450F because suddenly I started getting a USB Overcurrent Error and could not get past POST. Even with all USB disconnected, no visible shorts or anything. Got it RMA'd no problem and paid for shipping to ASUS for the RMA.

I did not use the mobo immediately because I upgraded to an ROG Strix X470F and 3800X when the B450F died.

Now that I've finally put it to use the USB headers are not working at all.

With all the stories I read on this subreddit I can't imagine how much money they lose and how many customers they drive away with this crap.

I've been a stickler for ASUS & EVGA and this has me considering other Motherboard Manufacturers in the future.

I've been adverse to MSI and Gigabyte because they're new compared to ASUS, ASUS has been at this a long time.

But if they can't get their **** together when it comes to Customer Support and Service I'll be upgrading to an X570 chipset from anyone that is not ASUS.