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ASUS G752VY Broken screen, IN REPLACED LAPTOP!!!

Level 9
Well, I started recently a thread about how they charge 2000 pounds for broken ASUS ROG G752VY-T7049T

Guess what? The retailer changed it for me and...

its even worse!


Is this some sort of joke?! I'm paying average salary of a 3rd world country and this is what you offer me, TWICE?

Can you please tell me what your "quality" department is doing?! Because most certainly they are not working, if they can't notice that frame is pinching the screen.

I barely understand the one broken laptop, but TWO?! This is not some £200 EeeBook garbage for kids, its supposed to be premium type, high quality product.

I see, you are really keen to loose loyal customers, aye?

I expect some sort of refund for my time, money I spent on talking to the retailer and asus tech support, as well as nerves you caused me!

Level 14
retaier, and stop moaning on here.
you will not get enny what whit moaning.

Level 7
I know exactly how you feel, since I've been through 3 Asus monitors, all with abysmal quality. See my thread for details.

I'm not buying Asus again, ever. Neither should you. Try browsing through the gaming monitor part of this forum... it's full of threads about the quality problems of their so-called high end monitors.

I guess this is what Asus wants to be known for now...

I read your threads, I hope you will finaly get some quality monitor.
Shame, I used G74SX for last 4 years, and it never brought me down. And I was using the cheapest build. Now I'm paying extra... to get some garbage made in china.

The funny part is that after I wrote the first thread, mods sent me a message with apology and statement, that "it certainly won't happen in replacement". I wonder why now they still didn't contacted me to tell me why it's worse than before, and tell me why they don't check BASIC functionalities of the product before approving it for sale... -_-