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Asus b365-f Motherboard - RGB settings in the BIOS not savedd, Audio problems

Level 7

Firstly I've been repeatedly DISABLING the following option in the BIOS;

Advanced > Onboard Devices Config > RGB LED Lighting
"When system is in sleep, hibernate or soft off states"

The BIOS is simply not remembering this setting, and defaulting back to ENABLED on every reboot/power off which means the RGB effect is showing on the shroud all the damn time.

Secondly, I had to give up using the onboard Audio as after 15-20 minutes of music playback, strange glitches and playback errors would occur - using Winamp or other MP3 players had the same result. All drivers updated. I have now had to buy external USB soundcards to resolve this.

Not very impressed with this Motherboard to be honest.

Any tips - particularly for the BIOS problem - gratefully received.


Level 7
Separately from the RGB BIOS settings "When system is in sleep, hibernate or soft off states" that were being ignored, I found this in Armoury Crate:

Armoury Crate > DEVICE > (Select your device) > Shutdown Effect > switch to OFF

This appears to have worked for Sleep state.

A bit confusing having 2 competing/conflicting settings for similar functions and the BIOS settings being the loser therein, but hey. I'm done.