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Asus 1080 TI Oc Edition Is my Vram Temp Dangerously High???

Level 7

(Its VRM temps I Mean)

I Have a Asus 1080 TI Oc Edition.

When i play BFV for some hours my Vram temp goes high, like 92 degrees Celsius as the highest value not all the time when i play but highest...

Iknow these cards run hot on the Vrm, but how hot is hot enough?

iam wondering if this is a safe temp?

Can i High Vrm temp have impact on performance ? say casue lagspikes and crashes ?

What i read high vrm temps have a degrading effect on vrm Mosfest/capacitators but from what ive read its more when you go as high as over 100 degrees is this right ?

should i be worried? and take it apart to change the pads or can i just roll with these temps ?

Iam asking you pros and other helpfull people who knows these things and you others with the same GPU what are you Vrm temps and do you care ?!

Thanks in advance!

Level 8
How long have you had the GPU? You might have to repaste it.
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TimeLion724 wrote:
How long have you had the GPU? You might have to repaste it.

Ive had it barley a year... the other temps are fine max 72c while gaming (at highest)

i think my new case to blame a bit, a NZXT H500 whit a 280 AIO in the front blowing in air thrue the rad into the case....

i knew this when i changed the case but i went with it anyway...

what do you think about my other questions ?

Is it really that bad that i have to take it a part ?...

if this is the case i think ill put the card under water.....